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Wealth Management Services

Every client situation is unique. Through our comprehensive wealth management process, we uncover the underlying needs and goals of each client. These aspirations typically fall into one of these four wealth management cycle phases:

Growing: accumulating wealth through savings and investing those savings in order to pursue and potentially accomplish long-term goals while being true to your risk tolerance.

Preserving: preserving your wealth from risks that can cause declines, while preparing wealth for retirement and/or transfer to intended beneficiaries.

Distributing: creating an income plan for the utilization of accumulated wealth to meet your desired lifestyle needs.

Transferring: creating a legacy and plan to transition your wealth to your desired beneficiaries either during your lifetime or upon your death; this situation may occur after successfully navigating the growing, preserving and/or utilizing phases and accumulated more wealth that you need to meet your desired lifestyle goals; beneficiaries of the transferred wealth could be family, friends and/or charitable causes.

Hundley Burn is here to help you successfully plan during any of the four phases of the wealth management cycle: growing, preserving, distributing or transferring. Our expertise in tax planning and institutional wealth management enable us to help you manage your wealth tax-efficiently. As your tax hurdle increases, you can be assured that your Hundley Burn team will be working together, to help you pursue your goals. The Hundley Burn wealth advisory team, together with our strategic partners, is ready to apply this wealth management process to customize a plan for you, designed to efficiently navigate any risks to pursuing your goals, both now and for generations to come. This customized process can help keep you on track to reach your goals and that you are proactively preparing for changing risks in the future.

Investments are subject to market risks including the potential loss of principal invested.
Investment and financial services are offered by James Hundley, Ethan Hundley and Courtney Burn through their affiliations with The Investment Center Inc