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Hundly-Burn Newton, NJ

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Our Firm

Hundley Burn LLC was originally founded in 1990 by James H. Hundley, CPA, PFS® as a Controller service for small to medium sized businesses. In 1995, his son, Ethan J. Hundley, CPA, joined the practice. Over the last 25 years, the increasing needs of our clients, in addition to technological advancements, have allowed us to expand our suite of integrated solutions to include financial planning, wealth management, risk management, debt management, utility management and consulting services for individuals, families and businesses. Today, Ethan continues to provide comprehensive financial and tax planning services.

Our company’s current and future success is predicated on two objectives. The first of the two objectives is to clearly understand our client’s goals. Each of the goals that our client’s have for themselves is unique to their specific needs and desires. Our team at Hundley Burn takes great care in listening and clearly understanding what is important to our clients, their family and their business(es). Our relationship with our clients is of paramount importance. If we do not understand our client’s goals, we are guaranteeing that our clients will never achieve them.

Our second objective that dictates the current and future success of our company is to diligently execute an on-going monitoring process. In life, change is constant. Our disciplined monitoring process provides our clients with the right information, in the right way and at the right time so that our clients can make timely and well-informed financial decisions.

No matter what change might come down the road in the future, Hundley Burn’s success will always be dependent upon our client’s ability to reach their specific goals.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services

Individuals, families and business-owners are busy and often don’t have the time or expertise to truly understand the complexities of managing the overlapping risks inherent in achieving their specific financial goals. With decades of experience in the tax, accounting, and financial services industries, our firm understands how taxes and investments connect and affect one another. By offering integrated tax, accounting and wealth management services, we seek to serve our clients as a one-stop resource. We can help clients address their financial concerns and develop a unified and comprehensive financial roadmap that may help them pursue their goals.

For our individual and family clients, we address many financial and tax management planning issues including growing their wealth, preserving their wealth, distributing their wealth during retirement, planning the tax-efficient transfer of their wealth to their heirs and/or charitable organizations, risk management solutions, utility management solutions, lending/financing evaluation, tax planning, income tax return preparation, estate & trust tax preparation, representation before the IRS and state/local taxing authorities and other issues. Through a holistic approach, we work together with clients to develop customized strategies based on our client’s unique needs.

For our business clients, we address a multitude of tax, accounting and profit maximizing issues including tax planning, income tax return preparation, accounting system setup, bookkeeping, bookkeeping support, business entity selection, general ledger and financial statement preparation, payroll, sales tax services, risk management advice and facilitation, financing/lender evaluation, business succession planning, business valuation services and other consulting services.

Whether a client is looking for a comprehensive suite of services or just needs assistance with one area of their finances, Hundley Burn can help.